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HANA 2.0 Data Modeling is a multi-part  playlist of presentations and demos covering all aspect of Modeling Data Aspects of HANA including:

  • The difference between HANA 1.0 and HANA 2.0 Modeling tools,
  • The basics of HANA 2.0 HDI WebIDE modeling, and
  • Best practices in distributed database modeling in calculation views..

Agenda of HANA 2.0 Data Modeling

  • SAP HANA Data Management Suite Architecture
  • SAP DB Artifacts Development in HANA 1.0 vs HANA HDI WebIDE
  • WebIDE Basics - Setting up the plumbing
  • Data access between HANA classic and HANA HDI schemas
  • Creating calculation views and considerations of a distributed environment
  • Allow HANA Users to access CVs in a HANA Container
  • HANA HDI Supported calculation viewsCreating calculation views distributed database architecture best practices