Continuous Change requires End-To-End Quality Assurance
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We live in a world of continuous change. This ‘change’ is inspired by trends that define the industry, such as the emergence of prosumers in utilities, or a desire to provide a same-day delivery mechanism in retail.
Not only are industry trends inspiring change but across the globe we have faced an accelerated digital transformation due to the pandemic.  The result, organizations now to have to react quicker than before.
Organizations need to re-think their Application Lifecycle Management strategy in all their components, to answer these new requirements. Testing is one of the components of Application Lifecycle Management, many times recognized as manual, costly and an error prone exercise.
To improve the full cycle we need to address Quality Assurance, with an end-to-end approach that supports the entire organization’s landscape. SAP has chosen Tricentis as its new endorsed Quality Assurance solution:
- Tricentis is recognized as THE global leader in Enterprise Testing solutions by all top analyst (including Gartner, Forrester and IDC);
- Tricentis is the most modern platform with an AI-driven, no code, model-based approach to software delivery, that helps SAP and their customers covering more than 160 technologies (SAP and beyond);
- By integrating and automating testing across all layers of their enterprises, customers can accelerate deployment of application changes while reducing business risk, making testing a catalyst for innovation;
- The SAP Testing Solutions by Tricentis, offers different levels of Integration with SAP to assure a smooth path of evolution to all customers