Wondering How to Get an Easy Start With SAP‘s Product Support?
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Discover the benefits of SAP’s Product Support Accreditation program available to all SAP customers at no additional cost.

The webinar will show you how to easily join our Product Support Accreditation program and become part of our community.

Experience how to complete the easy to consume learning modules, gain knowledge and be rewarded.

The Product Support Accreditation program is available to all SAP customers at no additional cost. Find out how to access the program with your s-user and enjoy easy to consume self-enablements to speed up your time to answers and increase efficiency and productivity during your support interactions.

Why attend?

  • Get an overview on the newest support tools and features and how you can immediately start your self-enablement.
  • Become familiar with the Product Support Accreditation program and learn how to make the best use out of SAP’s Product Support Tools.
  • Experience how to enroll and register for annual updates.
  • Find out how to share the findings with your colleagues and peers.