What Every SAP User should know about SAP Business Network
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Join us for the SAP Business Network User Group where customers and subject matter experts will share insights and best practices for driving measurable improvement with the SAP Business Network.

Why Should You Attend our Virtual Event?

By attending this event, you will gain the following insights on how the SAP Business Network can bring value to your business and to your trading partners.

SAP Business Network will deliver transparency across your supply chain driving value by delivering
• End to end transactional automation
• Supply Chain Resiliency
• Optimized Logistics and Warehouse Management

Hear from a customer on how the SAP Business Network is used to improve their business operations.

Get insights on innovative business outcomes that you can deliver to your organization.

Example of some Business benefits of moving to SAP Business Network:
• Ensure Accurate Supply Planning and Reliable Fulfilment with Forecast and Logistics Collaboration
• Digitize your PO and Invoice process driving efficient collaboration with your suppliers, reduction in overpayments, and improving on-time payments to all your suppliers.
• Optimize Inventory Efficiency using Consignment and Supplier Managed Inventory
• Drive Increased External Manufacturing Success using Networked Multi-tier PO Collaboration and Visibility
• Upgrade your Supply Chain to Deliver on ESG/Sustainability Targets while Maintaining Bottom-line results