Converting DMEE formats into DMEEX
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This video will demonstrate all steps needed to take in order to open a DMEE format tree in the DMEEX transaction starting with importing the payment format structure into DMEE.

First, open the DMEE transaction. Define a tree type name the tree in the Format Tree field. To import the tree, click 'More' in the top menu, select Format Tree and select the 'Upload XML File' option.

Click Save in the right bottom corner, then click on the Activate button in the top left corner. Then open the same tree in the DMEEX transaction. But beware, after opening the tree in DMEEX, the tree will no longer be accessible via the DMEE transaction.

After the tree opens, click check in the top menu. After clicking the 'Check' button, errors may appear due to incompatibility.

You must remove those errors in a way that upon using the tree would act in the same way as in the DMEE transaction.

After modifying the tree into a correct format, click 'Activate' in the top menu to activate the tree.
The tree is now active and you can use it within the DMEEX transaction.