SAP Fiori for SAP S4HANA - 5 Steps Fiori Bootcamp
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SAP Fiori is the foundation for innovation at SAP, and the strategic direction for UX in SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud Solutions. SAP Fiori delivers more than 2400 apps as an integral part of SAP S/4HANA as well as a design system, technologies, and tools that provide consistent, intelligent, and integrated user experience for SAP software across platforms and devices.

However, customers need to know how to deploy and adopt SAP Fiori in their business to truly embrace the UX adoption journey, manage the pace of change to successfully implement and use new innovations & Intelligent Technologies in order to make full use of all the provided features. Customers not using SAP Fiori in SAP S/4HANA only have a technical upgrade and therefore miss out on most of the new innovations.


Therefore, the SAP S/4HANA Customer Care and RIG (Regional Implementation Group) offers a free hands-on 5 Steps to Fiori Bootcamp for customers, in which one will be made aware of the necessary technical, functional and development activities required to make proper use of SAP Fiori in SAP S/4HANA to deliver ultimately distinctive value to your business.

In this session you will get some insights on the content, the course and the schedule of the 5 Steps to Fiori Bootcamp. Moreover, you will gain a common understanding on all prerequisites which need to be fulfilled to guarantee a successful participation, as well as all relevant information on registration formalities will be shared.