Maintain Purchase Info Record with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management
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InSAP ERP, a purchase info record is a significant master data that containsinformation on a specific material and a vendor supplying the material. Forexample, the vendor’s current pricing for the material and its validity arepersisted in the info record.

Beingsuch a critical master data, any updates to the purchase info record shouldideally be validatedand approved beforebeing used productively. It will prevent any mistake inmaintaining the price conditions, its validity, the plant, purchaseorganization where it will be available etc. This will avoidany rework towards the end of the purchasing process,where fixing such issues could prove costly. There are no standard approvalprocesses for a Purchase Info Record in SAP ERP. If you need such an approvalprocess, then it requires some development effort in SAP ERP.

Thecontent package Maintain Purchase Info Recordenables procurement experts in organizations to accelerate the digitalization oftheir purchase info record approval process transparently and provideflexibility to meet business requirements with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management.