Process-driven transformations – The end-to-end approach of SAP and Signavio
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Modern organizations require a new level of agility to rapidly adapt to market changes and leverage business opportunities. Business processes are the universal business execution language. They connect people’s behaviors with IT system dynamics, acting as the only layer that can profoundly and positively influence the outcomes of transformations.

In this session we will touch:

- The process-first approach to govern complex transformations
- How does it fit with Rise with SAP and S/4HANA transformations
- Customer examples and use cases
- Future outlook and evolution of the process market.


What is Business Process Intelligence? SAP Business Process Intelligence enables organizations to continuously understand, innovate and transform all of their business processes. By combining the products of Signavio and SAP, and associated services, organizations can drive holistic end-to-end process transformations to optimize their operations, improve customer excellence and put operational risks under control. Let’s join forces to discover how Signavio can support you best in your process management initiatives!