New Product Support Channel: 'Ask an Expert Peer' for SAP SuccessFactors
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Takeadvantage of a peer-to-peer platform to gain a direct line to qualified expertsin your field, outside of SAP. With the Ask an Expert Peer service, youcan get answers to your technical questions related to your implementation ofSAP SuccessFactors Solutions and achieve fast issue resolution for your basicinquiries and low- or medium-priority incidents. 


As a channelof the Next-Generation Support approach, Ask an Expert Peer providessignificant improvements to the support experience such as:


  • Peer-to-peer collaboration opportunities to get your questions answered by an expert peer in your field
  • Industry insights along with an experienced perspective about your question
  • Fast issue resolution through chat or e-mail in one-on-one interactions for your basic inquiries and low- or medium-priority incidents
  • Live exchanges with expert peers to answer basic inquiries in real time
  • Secure and private communication between your peer expert and your business 
  • No additional cost required, on top of your maintenance agreement




  • Understand the key concept of SAP Support’s new channel Ask an Expert Peer
  • Discover scope and capabilities
  • Experience the benefits for your SAP SuccessFactors Solutions