Climate 21 - Tackling the Challenge of the 21st Century Together
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Leveraging digitalization for responsible and sustainable business transformation

SAP’s Sustainable Business Program develops software to enable customers to track their carbon footprint along the value chain, embed circular business models and create transparency for their products.

Fighting global challenges such as climate change or the ocean plastic crisis has moved towards CEOs agenda, as it potentially:

  • affects the “license to operate”
  • challenges business models and product portfolios
  • impacts the viability of businesses as long-term investments on the capital market


To manage these new challenges, customers need to:

  • understand the environmental impact, including carbon footprint, of their products, supply chains and operations along their value chain
  • optimize operations for circularity and low carbon emissions
  • potentially transform their business models and product portfolio

Join this session to learn more about how enterprise software and new digital technologies can be leveraged to create intelligent enterprises while delivering sustainability benefits.