SAP and Life Ball Fight Against HIV and AIDS
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On June 8, 2019 SAP took our commitment to make the world run better and improve people’s lives to the Life Ball.

Known as Europe’s biggest HIV/AIDS charity event, the Life Ball is committed to global education, information, social and health policy development, as well as acceptance and openness in the field of HIV/AIDS, and resources to support people with AIDS and HIV. SAP’s renewed commitment in the event’s final year is in line with the company’s long legacy of contributing to causes around HIV and AIDS worldwide.

The energy and uniqueness of the Life Ball motivated SAP to continue our commitment and to celebrate the community of supporters who work tirelessly to help save lives and to fight against HIV and AIDS, as well as the stigma around the illness, alongside our customers, including, Deutsche Telekom, MAC Cosmetics, Red Bull, and Swarovski.

One of the beneficiaries is the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP), founded by Charlize Theron, Academy Award winning actress and UN Messenger of Peace. With the vision of creating a future where all youth are empowered to live healthy lives, the organization helps teenagers between ten to twenty years of age expand their education and awareness of HIV/AIDS. SAP was using the partnership with Life Ball to salute Charlize, her team, and their local program partners on their incredible work and present a dedicated donation of 50,000 Euros to the Life Ball to support CTAOP in continuing to make a difference.

SAP contributed three exclusive items to the live auction of the LIFE+ Solidarity Gala, the premier VIP event of the Life Ball weekend. With the help of celebrities, incl. Pierre Sarkozy and world-renown auctioneer, Simon de Pury, the auction alone raised 280,000 Euros.

SAP Technology in Action @ Life Ball

Life Ball Live Voting

Among the highlights of the event are the guests’ flamboyant costumes. Each year, the celebrity Life Ball jury is responsible for selecting the most impressive costumes of the night. SAP once again featured the popular Life Ball Style Contest Votingan SAP Experience Management solution, to enable the thousands of fans to vote for their favorite costumes in real time. Guests on site and viewers at home were able to admire and share their feelings about the elaborate outfits of the arriving ball guests. The aggregated audience votes counted as much as the vote of a member of the jury. This way, the evaluation of the best costumes became an exciting experience.

Online Education Course – Youth Against AIDS

Last year, SAP announced to contribute its technology expertise to help educate youth on sexual and reproductive health. Now, we delivered on our promise: Together with Youth Against AIDS, SAP developed an online education course to deepen the understanding of youth peer educators on HIV prevention techniques and smart decision-making in early adulthood. The online course is available to existing peer educators on openSAP. With the world rapidly changing, new flexible learning methods are required to deliver knowledge and information faster, and openSAP has successfully helped to enable people to upskill from anywhere in the world, at a time that suits their schedule. The online course is being presented in a booth in front of Vienna’s city hall.

About Life Ball

The Life Ball in Vienna, Europe’s biggest fundraising event to help people with HIV and AIDS, celebrated its 26th anniversary. The event, which takes place in Vienna’s historic city hall, supports more than 170 projects worldwide by raising funds and puts huge efforts to raise awareness and public understanding of HIV and AIDS, tackle misconceptions and prejudices, and advises on social and health policies.

About Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project

The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP) invests in African youth to keep themselves safe from HIV/AIDS. CTAOP was created in 2007 by Charlize Theron, Academy Award winning actor and UN Messenger of Peace, with the hope of making a difference in fighting HIV in her home country of South Africa. Although the geographic scope of CTAOP is Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa has remained the primary area of focus with the highest number of people living with HIV in the world. CTAOP connects community-based, African organizations (CTAOP’s Program Partners) with funding, capacity building, and broader resources. This allows these organizations to reach more young people with innovative programs and tools to help keep themselves and their peers safe from the disease. 

About Youth Against AIDS e. V.

Youth Against AIDS is a nonprofit organization of young people that promotes sexual health worldwide. Its goal is to empower young people to deal with their sexuality in a self-confident and responsible way. In this way they promote openness and mutual respect and contribute to the fact that sexually transmitted diseases no longer have a place in the young generation. In order to achieve their goals, they go new ways and use innovative formats. In this way, they reach their young target group at eye level and set new impulses that advance the debate on sexual health and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases – in Germany and worldwide.