Converting DMEEX Formats into Manage Payment Formats
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This video will demonstrate all the steps needed in order to open DMEEX trees in the Fiori Manage Payment Formats app.

First, run the DMEEX transaction. Fill out the tree type and the Format Tree name field, then click the on the Change button.

In the administrative data tab of the tree properties, check the 'Fiori Extensible' option.
Before checking the 'Fiori Extensible' option, make sure there are no user exits used since they are not supported by Fiori.

Activate the tree from the top menu then go back to the initial screen of DMEEX.

Then click on the Download XML file in the top menu and save the file into your computer.

Now open the Fiori Manage Payment Formats app.
In the Payment Formats list, find an XX_Empty_XML_File format, which is a base template format for XML files.

Since the tree ID of the imported tree must correspond with the one into which you are importing the tree, you must rename the tree ID in your XML file to XX_Empty_XML_File
After saving the file, import it into Manage Payment Formats by clicking on the Import button in the top menu.

Then display the tree and simply activate it by clicking the Activate button in the bottom menu.
You have now successfully imported an DMEEX tree into Manage Payment Formats.