The SAP Enterprise Support Security Value Map
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Welcome to the SAP Security Webcasts!

Every month, we choose and highlight the relevant security aspects for SAP customers. In April we will talk about ‘The SAP Enterprise Support Security Value Map’s interpretation and use of SAP's Secure Operations Map.’

SAP created the Secure Operations Map as a Reference Model to structure the broad area of security for content, discussions and as the basis for a 360° view on security.  The focus is on the Operational Aspects, or the tasks and considerations which a customer or service provider should consider to maintain and operate their systems and landscapes in a secure manner.

Value Maps guide you through the different sources of information, tools, and services available from SAP Enterprise Support to help you to efficiently build and run your SAP systems. The Security Value Map utilizes this SAP Secure Operations Map as a visual guide to help make it easier to see all the key offerings that are available for a topic and understand how things are connected. Access the SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps Learning Room platform here.*    

*Before you can access the link above, a one-time registration in SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, is required. A detailed step-by step guide to registration can be found here.