How to better protect your crown jewel data assets from insider threats
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Welcome to the SAP Security Webcast Series!
Every month, we highlight most relevant security aspects for SAP customers. This month we talk about how SAP solutions for UI data protection are evolving.
Join us to get to know a new tool set for countering the threat to your business critical data assets, and how they help you decrease the growing risk from data access challenges and regulations – which you might already be facing around social engineering attacks, segregation of duties, technical or business exploits, auditability of data access, etc.
In this session, you will get an introduction to common use cases and applicability and experience core features in a live demo, such as data masking and blocking with attribute based authorizations; as well as access transparency for analysis for auditing purposes. Ample bandwidth for putting your questions during and after the event ensures you’re equipped to map the options with your specific data access challenges.