Digital Twin Model
Watch the video now or in 20 sec.

What you can see in this short video clip is just how youcan use SAP Predictive Engineering in a practical application. At the top ofthe physical model, which could represent a wind turbine or other industrialasset, is a single physical accelerometer. From this one sensor feed, we're able togain a wealth of insights into the state of the asset in real time - that's what you can see on the monitor on the right. 

Imagine the asset is thousands of miles away; you can sit at your deskand see the movement of the asset. The colors in the heatmap change as theasset moves back and forth and is subjected to changing levels of stress andstrain.

These real-time insights enable you to make informeddecisions about when, how, and even if you want to change different aspects of anasset to optimize operations and limit structural fatigue.