SAP Early Watch Alert - Workspace
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SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace – how to incorporate it into an active process within the Customer COE i.e. collaboration, notification and integration of alerts into HANA Cockpit. 

SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace is a data-driven collaboration platform. This workshop focusses on the work in a Customer COE and how they can leverage the app most effectively and efficiently to troubleshoot issues in large system landscapes. Personalize your app to your needs with view for specific landscapes and set-up notifications to stay up-to-date on the latest alerts and predictions. SAP HANA Cockpit can be used to collect SAP EarlyWatch Alert data, and in addition the Cockpit can also download and display the results in the working environment of the SAP HANA database administrator. Get the latest hands-on information you need to stay informed on your system landscapes health.