How Premium Engagement Services can help Create Value and Mitigate Risks
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Premium Engagement Services from SAP has beento designed to help customers accelerate value creation with intelligenttechnologies and provide them with end-to-end, personalized service supportthat flexes with both their business needs and the rapidly evolving digitaleconomy, leading them to the Intelligent Enterprise.

SAP MaxAttention is our premier offering andis an enhanced engagement model that provides holistic means of customercollaboration with SAP. Some features:

- We keep & stay with customers for life
- Our Services cover on-premise, hybrid andcloud scenarios with a strong focus on new technologies and adoption ofinnovative SAP solutions.

- Proven engineering Services are helping ourcustomers to mitigate risks in large transformation programs and to run &use SAP solutions better.

This session goes a little deeper into theservice offerings and value proposition of SAP’s Premium Engagement Services.