“Getting Started” – How SAP supports SAP Portal - SAP for Me
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As a central entry point, SAP for Me is designed to make your work and interaction with SAP easier. How do you start successfully with SAP for Me? And how does SAP support you in this?

These and other typical questions, especially when migrating from the SAP ONE Support Launchpad to SAP for Me, will be explained in more detail in this session. For example:

- Which user is required?

- How does the SAP for Me authorization concept look like?

- How does SAP support your first steps in SAP for Me?

o Adjusting the proposed, user-specific SAP for Me Homepage

o Finding used SAP ONE Support Launchpad applications in SAP for Me

o Searching for further information and tutorials

o And further more

- How can customers help shape SAP for Me and address their individual questions and comments?

- What does the SAP for Me roadmap look like?

The session will be rounded off with practical tips from the SAP expert and an outlook on the next steps in the transformation of existing SAP applications into SAP for Me.