SAP Security Webcast Defending SAP Business Applications from Cyber Threats 23
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Every month, we choose and highlight the relevant security aspects for SAP customers. In January we will talk about defending SAP Business Applications from Cyber Threats

In a perfect world all of this would not happen, but today CISOs are sometimes surprised when their business applications are compromised, and the company loses data or business is affected by data manipulation or manipulation of business processes.

But how can companies protect themselves if they do not have the necessary experts and resources to operate a 24x7 security center that also covers the security requirements of a complex SAP system landscape? 

In this session, we will guide you thru a brief overview of SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, cloud edition capabilities and its included managed cyber security service provided by SAP. This session will also cover how to:

  • satisfy security, data protection and audit needs providing a higher visibility into SAP business applications
  • obtain a competitive advantage through greater cyber resilience combined with an increased system confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • lower the cost of managing, user behavior analytics and protecting data across multiple landscapes
  • prevent of internal and external fraud
  • overall balance business and security goals