Retrofit with SAP Solution Manager in SAP S/4HANA conversion projects
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In system landscapes in which several releases are processed at the same time, similar changes can be made in different development systems. For example, new developments can be made in the new implementation development system, and errors to be corrected or improvements to be made in a maintenance system for the production system landscape at the same time. The system release levels must be adjusted regularly to ensure that changes are synchronized in parallel across different system landscapes. This synchronization is called retrofitting. The retrofit functionality has been the reliable companion in complex landscapes for almost a decade. With it, you neither have a development freeze nor double work. All custom code adaptation performed is retrofitted into the newly converted development system. This scenario is very suitable for systems with large amounts of custom code and an intense ongoing custom development. Removing obsolete code significantly reduces the effort for custom code adaptation. At the same time, this is certainly a first step toward a clean digital core. Get the latest insights in this session.