SAP Signavio for successful business and S4HANA transformation
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If there is one thing we have learned in recent years, it is that organizations must be able to respond to changes occurring locally and globally. Whether it is the Covid pandemic or disrupted distribution chains, legislation, or new products/services; they all affect the way organizations operate. Every organization must be able to respond quickly to change - business transformation and agility are essential to the future of organizations. In addition, many organizations face the challenge of refreshing their ERP landscape which provides opportunities to improve and innovate current processes.

With SAP Signavio, we provide organizations with the tools to understand, analyze, improve and implement business processes and process performance. The focus here is on the entire end-2-end process, regardless of the solution that supports the process - SAP and non-SAP solutions. In this webinar, SAP presents the added value of SAP Signavio for successful business and S4HANA transformations.