SAP Analytics Cloud Technical Academy Hands-On Workshop
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SAP Analytics Cloud workshops present an overview of the SAP Analytics Cloud and then utilize the most commonly used features to solve common business-related questions. Participants will work on several typical business scenarios while viewing and enhancing the management dashboards. 

In the hands-on exercise, you will gain a deep overview into SAP Analytics Cloud and work with many of its most-used features to solve common business-related questions.

During the exercise, you will use SAP Analytics Cloud to consume multiple data sources to build a single dashboard. You will work with HR, Financial and Shipping data to build this single dashboard. 

The SAP Analytics Cloud Technical Academy workshop will showcase SAP Analytics Cloud's Machine Learning Capability used within Smart Insight functionality, which helps in understanding the top contributors of specific data points without having to manually pivot or slice and dice your data and SACs Smart Discovery functionality, which uses Artificial Intelligence to discover how business factors influence performance, detects anomalies and provides simulation with machine learning projection.