SAP solutions for cyber security and data protection
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“Cyber-attacks can have severe consequences, when it comes to SAP S/4HANA applications. These attacks increasingly focus on the company’s application layer and use privileged user accounts. Unfortunately, many security departments see the SAP application layer as a “black box,” and they view the security of SAP applications as the responsibility of their Basis or SAP application colleagues, leaving these applications at risk. Securing an SAP S/4HANA business application environment involves more than roles and authorizations. The loss of sensitive data can lead to severe penalties, damages reputation, and endanger the overall business of businesses within minutes.

- The session first looks at how security frameworks can help lay the foundation for a strong security strategy.
- It then walks through SAP’s portfolio of security and compliance solutions through the lens of the Cybersecurity Framework provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) — a framework that is widely used for establishing standard security guidelines and best practices within organizations — to provide SAP customers with a toolkit for creating a comprehensive security strategy that meets their unique and varied needs.
- Lastly, it explains how to control the activities with a security infrastructure to meet compliance and business requirements and to provide insight that helps those at the C level make better decisions.
This session helps to better understand security challenges, and educate on how to protect SAP landscapes.