Purchase Requisition Approval and Release with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management
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Purchase requisition approval and release is one of the most common use case in every organization. It plays a key role in the buying process. Organizations must be able to spend their money wisely while getting the expected value. In addition, compliance with internal regulations and traceability of the approval process before the order is placed is a must. Often purchase requisitions consist of several line items, which might lead to different handling for approvals. Purchase Requisition Approval and Release live process content package enable customers to automate approval and release of line Items in a flexible and transparent way. It provides flexibility in choosing process variants depending on attributes like request date, price, material group, document type, plant, purchasing group and purchasing organization etc. When a requestor creates a purchase request with line items in SAP ERP, pre-configured process variants are triggered in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management.