Vendor Onboarding with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management
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Onboarding a vendor or supplier in SAP ERP is a critical enabler to run a P2P process successfully. It requires collecting & validating data that is needed to register a company as an approved vendor.

If the vendor can be verified and onboarded quickly, the customers will have a large ‘planned’ supply-base to purchase goods & services and make payments on time. However, different kind of data needs to be collected for the vendor, depending on what is the vendor object going to be used for.

On top of that, there could be other business requirements to capture the vendor data – like getting approval from the GPO or usage of the shared service center to capture the vendor data or even inviting vendors to fill in contact information. Such flexibility in configuring the vendor onboarding process is not available by default in SAP ERP, and it requires custom development to achieve it.

The Vendor Onboarding content package provides an out of the box solution to automate the vendor onboarding process with approvals from the respective departments. It provides flexibility in choosing process variants based on account group and vendor type with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management.