Schedule a Manager – Try Our New Product Support Channel for High Priority Incidents
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“Schedule a Manager” is the newest offering in SAP's real-time support channels, giving customers the ability to schedule a 15-minute call with a Product Support manager for high-priority incidents.

The service provides enhanced communication opportunities for our customers by speaking directly to a manager who can help address service exceptions, being experienced on high incidents.


As a real-time support channel, Schedule a Manager provides our customers with:

  • Direct contact with a manager who can help address concerns on high priority incidents
  • A quick and easy to use service allowing you to select the best day and time for a call back
  • A direct phone call at your chosen time
  • An opportunity to learn more about SAP Product Support from our experts
  • No additional costs required on top of your maintenance agreement
  • A simple easy to use tool, with no setup effort


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about SAP’s new real-time support channel ‘Schedule a Manager’
  • Discover when and how to access the service
  • Realize the benefits for your organization